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Territoriality of the Commons

Spatial Perspectives on the Governance of Public Goods

The purpose of the international research workshop is to explore the multiple, emergent geographies of the commons as a step towards developing a more systematic and fine-grained conceptualisation of the spatial dimensions to their governance. We aim to promote dialogue between historians, geographers and researchers across the social sciences and between three strands of research that we have identified as particularly relevant to the territoriality of the commons:
1. Action arenas as loci for organising regional commons
2. Rescaling the commons and the reordering of power geometries
3. Reconnecting the physical and social geographies of the commons.

We are pleased to announce the following distinguished scholars as key note speakers at the Workshop: Matthew Gandy (University College London), Rainer Kuhlen (University of Konstanz), Frank van Laerhoven (Utrecht University, to be confirmed) and Erik Swyngedouw (University of Manchester).

Please note that the deadline for registration is August 15th 2011.

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