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Social Science-based Spatial Research

IRS research is focused on the spatial aspects and contexts of social action. In doing so, spatial phenomena are explored in terms of both processual and historical dimensions. As to processes, the social construction of spaces is of particular interest. Three conceptual pairs serve as a linkage between action-oriented and social constructivist approaches: Knowledge and Innovation; crisis and resilience and institutions and governance.





IRS-Seminar with Dr Bishawjit Mallick on September 22nd, 2016 (09/2016)
Cyclone – Migration – Adaptation Nexus in the social context of Bangladesh

On September 22nd, 2016 the IRS hosts an "IRS Seminar" with Sociologist and Regional Scientist Dr. Bishawjit Mallick. Mallick's research focuses on the connection of migration and climate change from sociological, economical and geographical perspectives. His lecture is titled "Cyclone – Migration – Adaptation Nexus in the social context of Bangladesh". Mallick is a guest researcher in the IRS research departmen "Dynamics of Communication, Knowledge and Spatial Development" in august and september 2016.

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Call For Papers: Local Anchors in Trans-local Knowledge Communities (09/2016)
Session at the AAG Annual Meeting 2017 in Boston

Session organisers Suntje Schmidt (IRS and Humboldt-University of Berlin), Brian J. Hracs (University of Southampton) und Taylor Brydges (Uppsala University) invite researchers interested in this topic to submit an abstract up to 250 words by 21st of October 2016.

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IRS launches European Training Network to tackle social and economic problems of rural regions (09/2016)

The Leibniz Institute for Research on Society and Space (IRS) in Erkner near Berlin has successfully applied for a research and training network in the highly competetive „Marie-Sklodowska-Curie“ programme of the European Union. Twelve research institutes and social enterprises from seven European countries, coordinated by the IRS, will offer a structured doctoral training on social entrepreneurship in structurally weak rural regions. The doctoral candidates will conduct research guided by the question of which innovative solutions the social entrepreneurs can offer to tackle the economic and social downward spirals in these regions. The project will run for four years and has a budget of 2.5 million Euros.

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